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I mentioned in my last post that I have watched as many have started their own software development venture. One individual I have watched with great interest is Peldi Guilizzoni of Balsamiq Studios LLC. Peldi has created an amazing tool for quickly creating mockups and wireframes to model software interfaces and iterate quickly to find the best design. I love this tool and use it often in my work. I’ll save a more indepth review for a later post. What inspires me most about Peldi is the way he has chosen to run his business.

All along the way Peldi has been open and upfront about his goals for balsamiq and how he has done in attaining those goals. He has provided this window into balsamiq through frequent postings to his blog about his process, Micro-ISV experiences, and financial details. I’ve been impressed with how willing he has been to donate their software to “… non-profits, charitable organizations and other do-gooders”. I like that. I also like the lifetime access to product upgrades.

My intention with Philbert is to do many of the same things. Blog about my experiences, treat my customers (and every one else) as best I can. And on the subject of finances I also intend to be open with my financial data and I also intend to donate a significant portion of my earnings to charity. The exact percentage is yet to be determined by my goal is around 20%.

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