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Changing Gears

Well, it looks like my plans have changed already. I’ll be postponing my dive into iPhone development for a few months. I really don’t want to stop this new venture before it even gets started so in the mean time I’ve got a few things I’ll be working on to keep myself motivated and on task.

First, I’ll be continuing to work on this blog/website and posting as new developments come along. I also need to decide on a name for this side business (I’ll post about that soon), there is a lot of development infrastructure I need to get worked out and in place starting with source control and issue tracking. The biggest change is that I will start developing an application for Microsoft Windows instead of the iPhone.

I can hear it now … “What?! If you have time to develop a Windows application why aren’t you sticking with the iPhone development plans?!” Well the answer is simple: I don’t own a Mac yet and I don’t want to go into debt for one. Plus I already have the development tools and hardware I need for Windows development.

The reasoning behind this decision is is way off topic but I might as well share the details. For the last year and a half it has been my goal to become completely debt free (except for the mortgage, which will come later). I have nearly attained that objective and can’t tell you how liberating it feels to not owe anyone anything! The catalyst for this desire to be debt free was the constant stress related to money: living paycheck to paycheck, worrying about timing of my paychecks so I could pay the bills, saving for fun and retirement, etc.

There have been two key items that have helped me along the way. The first is reading and applying the principles in Dave Ramsey’s book, “The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness”. The second is switching the software I use for managing my finances to YNAB Pro from the recent startup You Need a Budget. If you want more information related to living debt free YNAB offers a free online course called YNAB University. Dave Ramsey also evangelizes his principles through his daily radio talk show, classes, and live events.

These two things along with the determination to stick to ‘the plan’ have made this goal to be debt free possible. Trading the feeling of financial freedom for more debt or a big hit to my savings just isn’t worth it right now.

As soon as I have the money in hand for the Mac hardware and tools I’ll switch back to the original iPhone development plan. Till then there is still more to learn and accomplish.

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